Getting Into Shape for the Summer

If you are like me then you are one of those folks who usually dreads the onset of the summer.  I have never felt confident when I’m wearing t-shirts, short-sleeves and shorts.  I don’t care to wear outfits that show the extra rolls around my waistline and the paunch where a six-pack once reigned.  In the past I took advantage of the summer heat to justify my decision to stay indoors under the air conditioner watching ball games or movies.   This year I made up my mind to do something so I won’t look like the beer truck’s best customer.


And one way I will do that is by using a Groupon to sign up for a Medifast Diet plan.   Medifast offers diets tailored specifically to your physical needs and desires.  They are currently offering 30% off a healthy meal plan.  And if you use one of their Groupons you can get meals for 7 extra days when you sign up for one of their 30-day meal plans.  I am determined to lower my body-mass index (There!  I am finally able to say it even if I still can’t calculate it!) to a number that meets the standard for someone my height, age and size – one where I will no longer fall into their categories of “overweight” or “obese”.  By using the Medifast diet program I won’t need to worry about straying from my diet.  I can rely upon them to deliver meals that meet my requirements; that will keep me from inadvertently straying.  And the meals will be tasty and delivered on schedule.  All I have to do is eat and that has never been a problem for me.

Of course, the other part of my program will require a bit more action on my part.  But with my Medifast Groupon helping me take on the diet part of my get-in-shape program I can focus my attention on the other part, the one that requires exercising to get those abs back in order.  While I’m not sure I can bring back the old six-pack, I am confident I can eliminate that sag over my belt buckle by my first day out at poolside this summer.